10 comments on “A new start.

  1. Good Luc paul, would be interested to hear your thoughts on unregulated agreements on CCA regulated paperwork.

  2. I watch with interest but still am waiting for legal assistance to sue another Solicitor in relation to falsified (known as perjury) documents handed in to a Court to do with a so-called debt that no one can produce any paperwork for. Will it be best to sue or report?

    • Litigation should always be the last resort. It is impossible to offer any kind of advice on limited information im afraid, there are so so many questions which need answering to be able to decide if there is grounds to sue, and is it really the lawyer who should be the target? or is it their client who will be the one surely providing the instructions for the lawyer to act upon?

      Id say be careful here, and take some good legal advice before you take the plunge and sue.

  3. Hi Paul, I had some dealings with one case via Watsons so know of your work and appreciate that there are some credible legal professionals fighting the corner of the often screwed over members of the public. My own speciality is to help clients stop their homes being repossessed, not by buying their properties but helping them put a case together for Court.
    I am really interested in consumer litigation law and often have clients with multiple issues re debt so it would be good to be able to refer them to you, particularly if that was possible on a no-win, no fee basis.
    Good luck in your new role…even if rather belatedly.

    Kind regards,

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