3 comments on “Internet forums and paid legal advice.

  1. I have to say some of those questions had crossed my mind. Liability insurance and negligence being the two major ones as far as i am concerned.

  2. And of course one other question ” Who is the Client?”

    Who is the solicitor instructed by? is it the forum instructing him to advise for a fee? or is the client instructing the solicitor direct, in which case, who gets paid the fee? is this a referral fee agreement? i recall a case where things like this happened, and two people ended up in prison.

  3. Recoverable fees if you win (in most cases)?
    I had understood the opposite, that clients rarely recover full fees as what is charged is more than that that is recoverable.
    For that reason, even the winners lose and the only guaranteed winners are the lawyers themselves.
    Perhaps that’s just in Scotland?
    An interesting topic.

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