4 comments on “Zenith Windows …………pretty unimpressive state of affairs unfolding at the mother in laws

  1. Have he same problem I would not pay then when they replaced the windows it was still a poor job now they want their money and are threatening court.

  2. This is a summery overview.
    This all started Jan 2014, part paid for by credit card, another 25% by cheque after fitting (t was dark then but we had already noticed problems and would not sign finance agreement to say was satisfactory, we did try to start ball rolling about the credit side for redress but in the meantime had a solicitor tell us we had to let them try and rectify it. Site visit, they agreed remake due to sizes being wrong, also they put on the report that balance after inspection rice to be agreed.when they then messed it up again, over several visits to sort it and t was still not right, we had a site visit and told them we wanted or money back as well as giving hem list of problems, that was feb 2015, we then heard nothing until oct 15 and had family problems at that time, very stressed and told them we had enough site visits and re sent them the problem list. then we ended up with letters chasing the other 50% and then threatening court action.

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