7 comments on “The MKDP Judgment

  1. Believed this could of been some help in my own case. As at this moment in time they have failed to product half the documents they mention in their case/ cca response. only modified agreement presented with random terms.

    Currently they are in default on cca78 request, the default notice is invalid( Mercers special), They have linked 5 Acc back to an agreement that is missing prescribed terms( copy and paste of internal system to confirm Acc same agreement). They have inflated the statement documents from Barclays with added figures to cover the court costs.

    Still a nice website to find 🙂

      • Am I, Lol it depends on the final outcome. At this stage the courts have allowed them to file late and modify there witness statements. mmmmm got to go back for second half of hearing..

        Just waiting for a data protection file to drop in the post 🙂 which should help show their lies…. being realistic it depends on the outcome. if it is a win for me then just the police.

        If its a lose for me, and can be provide they have committed fraud then both police and court route for damages.

        Really am struggling with the skeleton argument stuff at the moment. Not sure if to produce the arguments on the day of give em advance notice?

    • no comment on skeletons, as the claimant filed late, my defence did not take into account their evidence. then further more they have now had chance to amend a further witness statement and evidence. so im some what on a set back.

      how do I submit, or get the judge to take this into account, seems biased to the claimant at this stage?

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