5 comments on “MKDP LLP yet again, they lost, they have to pay indemnity costs and their agreement declared unenforceable

  1. i disputed a loan agrement in 2011 it was an unregulated agreement the company sent me the terms and conditions witch where unreadable they sent me a further 3 copies over the next four years i witheld payments frome 2011 and have never been aproached by them to make a payment the loan periord ended in october 2015 and i recived a leter asking how am i going to reppay the loan i explained in the terms and conditions they sent me where unreadable and terms missing last week the company said all along they had been sending me the wrong terms and conditions and they are compleatly diffrent to the previous four they have been sending me for four years do i have a deffence with wat has happened regards terry lloyd

    • thank you for youre repply the loan was unregulated i took out the loan in october 2005 over 10 years and secured on my property

    • thanks for youre repply i cannot understand why the company staded they had dealt with my complaint in 20011 yet up to today they have not requested a repayment in five years they must be covering up a more seriously point regards terry lloyd

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