5 comments on “16 days into 2016 and what a start…

  1. My husband is in a very similar situation with PRA Group, so glad I came across this article .Thank you

  2. Excellent contribution and very good, in-depth research from Joanna, full marks to her for unveiling all that background on the infamous PRA Group, it makes very interesting reading!

    Surely giving false evidence on an affidavit is a criminal offence also in the States, isn’t it? Only you can’t convict a dead woman, how very convenient…

    Once more, we have a company with a dubious consumer credit track record in the US, crossing the pond, and it looks like consumer awareness in the US is at even worse levels than in the UK if they respond, on average, to less than 6% of claims. In the UK it is estimated that around 80% go to default judgment, so we must be responding to around 20% of claims. Still very low, and we need more blogs like this one to reach a lot more people. Keep up the good work!

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