3 comments on “Before you leave a comment on here

  1. Hi Paul

    Its sad to hear that you’ve had some bitter comments about what is nothing more than the reporting of the facts of how a trial has gone against a creditor.

    Personally I’d see this as a sign of your success that you’re attracting such attention!

    More worryingly is that this is perhaps ‘business as usual’ and a lot of the claims made also have serious faults, a situation that at best is an abuse of the court system, but unfortunately a system that frightens many people who don’t defend, or engage professional representation, allowing the abuse of that system to continue.

    Ultimately, if creditors got their houses in order then they wouldn’t be made to look so stupid so rather than behaving like spoilt children they should look to sorting problems that are their own making.

    I for one am grateful for people like yourself who stop creditors getting things all their own way (but who are quite happy to gripe and complain about ‘legal loopholes’) and your blog helps create some transparency into what sometimes is a very murky world.

    Please keep posting, and more importantly, please keep winning!

  2. Paul

    I really enjoy your blog. Please don’t give it up because of a few idiots, & feel free to delete the nonsense.


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