3 comments on “The FCA? Bring back the OFT i say

  1. I have heard this time and time recently from others who are being chased by unlicensed debt collectors. I’ve come across Restons being one of the ones mainly whose licence has elapsed and who also say that they don’t need a licence as they are acting on behalf of someone else. Yet Restons name is on the court papers and address as to where to send any monies to. Don’t make sense does it.

    • As I understand it, Reston’s can’t act on behalf of someone else, say as an agent, without being authorised. A firm that is authorised can act on behalf of one that isn’t I believe, but not the other way around. I have that in writing from the FCA. Unauthorised firms cannot chase debt themselves full stop.

  2. wonder if I sent certain paragraphs to FCA and eith act as a complaint or ask for their reasoning etc? just a thought

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