6 comments on “Another Hoist bites the dust…..

  1. Hoist have issued a claim and our defence has been that we can’t really defend because they haven’t provided proof of the debt or that it has been legally assigned to them. We sent an SAR in May and chased it in July but no response. Mediation was offered but we turned it down because we didn’t have the right information to hand. Now we have just received an N24 from the court saying: “Unless the Defendant files and serves a detailed defence complying with CPR 16.5 by 28/09 the Defence shall be struck out without further order and the Claimant be entitled to enter judgement forthwith.

    Hoist has no evidence, or at least isn’t responding to our SAR – some thoughts on how to respond would be appreciated!

    • Hi,

      Its very difficult to advise on a reply to this blog as there is only a limited amount of information here, and there is therefore a risk of errors being made.

      Id be more than happy to provide an initial advice on what options are available if you would like to drop me an email. my contact details are on the “about me” page.


  2. Hi, I have just received a county court claim form with hoist as the claimant they are chasing a bar clay card debt from July 2012 with interest, future interest and costs. Please could you advise as to what I need to do? I’m a little lost. Thank you

  3. I need help dealing with hoist. I’m being taken to court over an eleged consumer debt. They are using similar tactics to what I am reading. Please could some1 advise me on a solicitor who would represent me on a no win no fee basis.

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