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18 comments on “Copyright

  1. Just trying to recover an amout of £2800, from a van that was taken from me by a credit agreement. Protected status seems to have been ignored by ignition credit . No court action was taken , just a threat of action , I would like to know about action I could take in law . Thanks .

  2. Hi Paul,

    May need your help – what would the charge be for a defence against hoist for an old santander overdraft.

    The current situation is that after being granted summary judgment I managed to get the case set aside based on a faulty default notice.

    The claim has now been referred for mediation but I believe they will not budge.

    I know you have succeded before based on a faulty default notice so would like some guidance around this and also like to find out how much it costs.

  3. Hello Paul

    I don’t know if you can help me. I had a M & S loan which has been sold to 1st Credit (now Intrum). The loan agreement has not been signed by M & S. would this imply the agreement has not been properly executed? I also have a problem with a Reserve account. From your twitter I notice you have now left Howletts – but would appreciate any help.

    Many thanks

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